Soneva Academy 2024


Marine life of the Maldives



Time involved:

Six hours (three modules x 2hours)




USD 150++ per module per participant (USD 450++ in total)


Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani

In this course we will dive into the world under the waves. What are coral reefs, and how do they impact our lives? Learn all about the fascinating life on the reef, how it is currently under threat and what we can do to help.

There will be four modules in the course, followed by an exam: Module one: Let’s learn about life under the surface! On the first day, you will learn all about coral reefs. What are they? What kind of organisms live here, why are they so special, and what is threatening them? Through an interactive presentation and by snorkeling, you will discover the incredible wealth of life on the reef, what life is like in the “cities of the sea”, and how its inhabitants live together. Module two: What is a coral? During the second module, we zoom in on corals. What is a coral and what is so special it? You will discover the anatomy of corals, how they react to stress and what the restoration efforts are at Soneva. During this module, you will perform your own in-water survey to assess the health of the corals on the house reef of Soneva. What are your results?

Module three: How many fish do you see? A healthy coral reef is home to a variety of fishes. In this last module, you will learn about the way fishes live on the reef. How do they breathe, school and tolerate the salt water? After an interactive presentation, you will go into the water to perform your own scientific fish survey! Quiz: Let’s see what we’ve learned! Time for a review of the knowledge you have gained with a quiz. Don’t worry, we will not make it too difficult for you… If you get most of the questions correct, you will receive a certificate!

We look forward to welcoming you on the course soon!

Laura Tranfield, BSc (Marine Biologist at Soneva Fushi)

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