Soneva Academy 2024


Mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases



Time involved:

Four hours (two modules x 2 hours)




USD 150++ per module per participant (USD 300++ in total)


Soneva Fushi

In this course we will enter into the world of the most dangerous animal on the planet. How it is having a grip on mankind, how it affects our everyday lives, and what we can do to protect ourselves from the diseases it transmits to us when it bites

There will be two modules in the course, followed by a quiz:
Module one: The world of mosquitoes What exactly is a mosquito? In this module you will learn about the anatomy, classification and species of mosquitoes. Why do they like humans so much and why can they be so dangerous to us? We will use quiz questions and documentary clips. In the end, you will get introduced to the old way of mosquito eradication. What do you think could be done better?

Module two: What does Soneva do against mosquitoes? In the second module, we will explore some wildlife and plants around the island. How would you control mosquitoes without affecting the other elements of our ecosystem? Dive into the way Soneva has been tackling the mosquito problem since 2019.

Quiz: Let’s see what we’ve learned! Time for a review of the knowledge you have gained. Don’t worry, we will not make it too difficult for you… If you pass your test, you will receive a certificate. Also, we will show you what the next course (to reach the ‘skilled’ level) will encompass.

We look forward to welcoming you on the course soon!

Jannah Boerakker, MSc (Soneva Academy)

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