Soneva Academy 2024


Zero Waste and Plastic Pollution in the Maldives



Time involved:

Four hours (two modules x 2 hours)




USD 150++ per module per participant (USD 300++ in total)


Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani 

In this course, we will learn about the world of plastic, its use, and the actions towards the reduction of single-use plastic. We will also teach you how you can directly contribute to climate action from your home and comfort zone with the zero-waste lifestyle.

There will be two modules in the course, followed by a quiz:

Module one: Plastic and our life In the first module, we will learn what plastic is and how many different types there are. We discuss how we use plastic around the world. Is it useful? Is it harmful? And what do we do with it once we don’t need it anymore? You will discover how plastic and other waste is managed in Eco Centro on Soneva Fushi.

Module two: Zero Waste Lifestyle, Can you? During the second module, we will have a look at the negative impact of plastic on small island nations like the Maldives specifically. But there is also good news! You will get to know about different efforts on local islands to reduce waste. More importantly, how can you implement a lifestyle with less waste yourself? Together we will make some cool plastic-free products ourselves, such as body scrub!

Quiz : Let’s see what we’ve learned! Time for a review of the knowledge you have gained. Don’t worry, we will not make it too difficult for you… If you pass your test, you will receive a certificate. Also, we will show you what the next course (to reach the ‘skilled’ level) will encompass.

We look forward to welcoming you to the course soon!

Jannah Boerakker, MSc (Soneva Academy)

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