Soneva Academy 2021


The Adventure of the Corbin



Time involved:

Duration: 3.5 days (incl. 1 night on Innafushi island)


12-18 (exceptions may be made for families, please enquire) 


USD 1,500++ fully inclusive (speedboat); USD 2,500++ fully inclusive (Soneva in Aqua)


Soneva Fushi

In this course, we follow the Adventure of the Corbin, a 17th century French galleon that was shipwrecked off the coast of the Goidhoo Atoll. Set up camp and learn how to survive on an uninhabited island. Learn how to make a fire and discover how to navigate using the stars. Snorkel the shipwreck and learn about the Maldives’ maritime history, all while recording your adventure by producing your very own GoPro film.

There will be 4 modules in the course:

Day one: Learn the skills
On the first day you’ll receive training in survival skills. We work in small groups and you will find your own options for survival. Together we will watch a great movie and afterwards enjoy a barbecue on the beach where you will hear the full story of the Corbin ship and its survivors from more than 400 years ago!

Day two: Let’s go! First, you will surrender your phone to your parents. Then we will travel to the uninhabited island of Innafushi to set up camp. Learn how to build a shelter, make a bush toilet, then fish for your lunch. After eating, discover how the Corbin’s shipwrecked sailors lived on a deserted island based on the accounts of the ship’s navigator, François Pyrard, with fun games and time to explore.

Day three: Snorkelling the wreck site After breakfast we visit the site of the Corbin shipwreck, which is now a thriving ecosystem and home to an array of marine species. Spend a few hours snorkelling and learn about the ship’s lost treasure. Using a metal detector, we may even be on the lookout for lost treasures ourselves! From there, visit the Rose Garden, a unique reef system that is considered one of the Maldives’ best snorkeling spots. In the late afternoon we will travel back to Soneva Fushi, armed with lots of stories to share with your parents!

Day four: Tell your own story On the last day, you can use your GoPro footage to produce a short presentation about your adventure. The presentation will be held during a special early evening gathering, when you will also receive your certificate for passing the course

We look forward to welcoming you to this great adventure!

Bart Knols, PhD MBA (Managing Director of Science & Conservation at Soneva)

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